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The Promotional of Your Business by Writing a Case Study

Nowadays case studies are often used as a promotional material for different kinds of business. The research of ways how your company helped a client is a nice advertisement that may be valuable in media coverage and other resources.

Writing case studies includes different stories about the benefit of the using products. They may be prepared in written form, as a podcast or in video format. It is the good way to talk to clients and show yourself, what you do well for being noticed. You may place case studies on your website, newsletter, brochures, and so on.

It is difficult to write case studies that will fit to the media. Editors should focus on customer’s experience, use subtle approach and include several references on the product.

Good case study research consists of following parts:
  • A business problem,
  • The solution of it,
  • And benefits of the study.

The good case study has to engage readers, so case study writer must tell an interesting strong story. Use something topical. For example, you may combine the interest of business with specific human element like fulfilling the dream of the life, or the way how the company overcame a big obstacle and so on. When you have found the perfect client and storyline, and then ask the company about future co-operate and explain the mutual benefits, for example free publicity.

Who May Write a Case Study?

For writing a case study you may find a freelance copywriter, PR specialist, a journalist or do everything by yourself. The hired workers may cost a lot, but it must be well spent. To find such essay writer is easy at networking events, on social media sites or case study writing service. Before hiring ask about samples of writer’s work to be sure in their style. Also include one rewrite into the fee; you have this possibility if you are not an expert.

For receiving good result give the writer the clear requirements, such as:
  • Clear brief (normally about 500-750 words),
  • The promoted products,
  • Your desired benefits,
  • Fixed deadline for the first draft.
After knowing all these aspects you may arrange the interview.

Of course, if you want to know better your clients, then write a case study essay yourself. After writing ask someone you trust to check it because very often we do not notice own mistakes. Be resistant to the criticism, do not be upset, and just ask how the case is sounding and what about the main points of it.

How to Write Case Study by Yourself

You may write this essay in the first or third person. If you use the third one, then add some quotes of the customer to make it easier to read. Good results the question and answer format shows. Thus, create a strong title that will grab the attention from the first words. Using statistic will show the differences in the developing of the company. And do not use jargon and common terms in writing a case study research paper.

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